Sunday, October 5, 2014

Staring at Trees

West Sonoma County is the place I return to when in need of R&R. For me it's actually RR&R— that last one being Reboot.

There is magic in these woods.

I lived on the Russian River and in Sebastopol, CA from 2006-2010. I've always found peace and healing among the vineyards and redwoods, not to mention my beloved Sonoma Coast.

After a pretty stressful year of all work and no play, I was longing to return here to the redwoods and just be. Thankfully, I didn't have to twist Tom's arm to spend time in Cazadero.

We rented Ken and Cindy's lovely little cabin, Cloud 9, in the woods on Austin Creek near where our dear friends Gina and Lonnie live full time.
Two chairs in the creek bed by the fire pit Tom built.

Several days of no obligations (other than deciding what to eat). No cell service, even a brief power outage that meant no WiFi, has been as my mom would say, "heavenly."

Of course, Rox got to come along on this mini vacay. Even though she's turned the corner to being a senior doggy, she can still while away the hours being The Creek Monkey. The exact rules of Rock Ball remain ambiguous, yet it's a game she has endless energy for. And at night, she sleeps like, well, like a dog.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a very full schedule today: A morning hot tub, another walk in the woods, maybe a short drive to the coast followed by a bonfire down by the creek. And yeah, there will be more barbecuing and some West SoCo craft beer and wines thrown into the mix. My Goodreads list shows that I am reading nothing. Actually, I read one short story, a Sunset Magazine, and a few cooking magazines. But mostly, I just stared at trees and water and fire.

Four days of work next week and then I head off to Sacramento for KidLitCon. I'm so pleased Diversity is this year's focus and theme. I hope to meet some of you in person at KidLitCon next Friday and Saturday.