Monday, February 13, 2012


If you're a fan of Delta Legend, then you know that crawdads make a cameo appearance in the story. I originally had 100 of these magical little paper mud bugs made by origami master, Kyle M., as part of a promotional contest. But what began as a contest has quickly morphed into a MEME, thanks to people sending me brilliant photos of their crawdads in their new environs and beyond. I'm truly loving all the inventive and funny pics!

Check out these great shots sent to me by Cricket of Kamuela, Hawaii. Cricket was the first person inducted into what was initially called The Crawdaddy Club but has since become known as Team Crawdad. (You know, my little play on Team Gale/Team Peeta. Only in this case, you don't have to place your allegiance behind one of two rivals, just one crustacean!) Obviously, Cricket's crawdad has adapted nicely to life in Hawaii—lucky little guy. Gotta love the tiny surf board. Cricket really threw down the gauntlet here, folks.

Wanna play? 

Hit me up and I'll send you one of these little origami mud bugs (while supplies last) so you can submit a creative pic or two of your own. Simply email me at with I Want One! in the subject line. In the body of the email, tell me where to send your crawdad.

Of course, you're not obligated to snap pics of your mud bug, he can just hang out on your desk or dashboard, or even taped inside your locker. They also make a cool bookmark. But if you do get the urge, you can always email creative crawdad pics to me at the same address. That's (And keep it clean, folks—crustacean porn is illegal in all 50 states, except maybe New Orleans during Mardi Gras.)