Monday, August 20, 2012

Giving It Away For Free ...

When I was a young adult, one of my mom's favorite proverbs was: "Why buy the cow when milk is free?" I always bristled at that one - not that I was a promiscuous teen. I was however, a smart-ass, and my standard retort was always, "Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?"

Fast forward too many years than I care to admit, and here I am - giving it away for free. 

That's right, Delta Legend will be FREE, Wednesday, August 22nd and Thursday, August, 23rd on!

What better way to celebrate and savor the dog days of summer than with a book that takes place in summer and is chock full of the things we love about this time of year: boating, fishing, water sports, outdoor parties, summer romance, s'mores, and of course, carnage. There's something about summer carnage that just tastes sweeter. 

So what are you waiting for, go get yours here:

And I really don't mind if you tell everyone you know. But please, I do care about my reputation, so be sure to brag that the chick who's giving it away for free is a really good ... writer.