Monday, October 31, 2011


... and even happier—DELTA LEGEND's RELEASE DATE is almost here!

The Legend is Loose.

Not long ago, I went Trick ’r Treating in the neighborhood of literary agents. It was cold and the doorsteps were dark—no welcoming jack-o-lanterns, that’s for sure. 
I queried anyway. 
A few agents opened their doors a crack to study me in my little writer costume. I then presented my well-honed Trick ‘r Treat pitch. Most gave no candy and quickly shut the door. Others simply turned off all the lights and pretended they weren’t home.

So, I decided not to stick around that creepy old neighborhood. I’m about to hit this much newer and more expansive literary housing development called e-Publishing. 

If you’re a writer who’s currently working the old neighborhood, searching for that one welcoming house while pondering the idea of going indie, I invite you to follow my journey. Thankfully, many others have gone before me, blazing into this new neighborhood and never looking back. 

Will it be plenty of fun-size candy bars for me or just rocks? Time will tell. Either way, I’m really glad to be out of that other neighborhood—it was dark and scary, and this new place feels welcoming and full of possibilities.
Have a wonderful Halloween. I know I will. Instead of continuing to knock on a few, very subjective doors, in just a few days, I’ll be knocking on thousands. My fate is now in my own hands, and the hands of the discerning (and some not-s0-discerning) masses with eReaders. I have a strange sense of calm about that. 
Thank you friends, old and new, for coming along and supporting me on this adventure.
Stay tuned, Delta Legend’s cool website will be up in a matter of days.